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Storm gusts speed Up to 110 M.P.H., Moving Toward Oklahoma

The National Weather Service said that a very powerful storm is possible to strike on Sunday evening. Tornado warnings are in effect for towns in Texas and Oklahoma.

A powerful wind storm is moving through Oklahoma and parts of Kansas. The National Weather Service warns that strong gusts could reach up to 110 miles per hour. tornadoes are possible in the southern part of the state.

The National Weather Service is predicting that a wind storm will develop and be very long. It will have many thunderstorms, some of which could be very fast.

A line of severe thunderstorms is moving from the Texas panhandle into western Oklahoma and portions of central Kansas. These storms are likely to produce a lot of thunder and lightning, and they may be dangerous.

The weather system, he said gusts moving quickly and has already caused damage to trees and power lines, as well as destroying a home in Liberal, Kansas. Wind gusts of 114 miles per hour have been recorded in Hall County, Texas.

In McLean, Texas, the National Weather Service issued a warning on Sunday night about a possible tornado. The warning was for people in the town and other towns in Oklahoma and Texas.

The risk of severe weather will move eastward through the evening hours. This means that it is likely to be more severe in Oklahoma.

The Weather Service said that a severe storm is expected to affect a large area of western, northern, and northeastern Oklahoma. This storm is considered to have a moderate risk, which means it could cause some damage.

There are several wind advisories in effect across the state.

The southwestern part of Oklahoma has a lot of good conditions for supercells and large hail.

Residents should be careful with loose objects and drive safely, because the Weather Service in Tulsa is predicting tornadoes will form in the afternoon.

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