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David Beckham releases statement on Qatar World Cup deal

David Beckham has spoken about his role as an ambassador for Qatar for the World Cup, and he believes that sport can have a positive impact on the world.

Some people are saying that Qatar was not happy with how much money it had made from the World Cup because retired soccer player David Beckham has not been seen very often in public.

There was some news report about David Beckham saying he only does interviews about football and doesn’t want to talk about other things. It said he has certain conditions for any interviews he does, like not being asked about things like Qatar’s laws on homosexuality.

David has played in many World Cups and other major international tournaments, and he has always believed that sport can be a force for good in the world. His publicist has issued a statement saying that David still believes in this.

We understand that there are different opinions about engagement in the Middle East, but we’re glad that the discussion about key issues has been sparked by the World Cup.

We hope that these conversations will help improve understanding and empathy for all people. This will help us move forward in our progress together.

In initial reports, it was said that 47-year-old Beckham would be paid $180 million over 10 years to promote Qatar, but more recent reports suggest he will only receive around $15 million a year for three years with the option to extend.

Beckham played in the World Cup three times for England, and now owns a soccer team, Inter Miami.

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