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Christmas: Step-by-Step Guide to Send Christmas – Customised Stickers on WhatsApp, Instagram

Christmas is a time to send happy messages to friends and family with messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. You can also send fun stickers to add extra fun to your messages.

People all over the world are celebrating Christmas on Sunday. Families come together to celebrate, and it’s a time to enjoy each other’s company. Some loved ones can’t come to the celebration in person, but technology like social media help us to send greetings to our friends and family who are far away.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram are all popular messaging apps used to send Christmas greetings. You can also send stickers to add some extra fun to your messages. These stickers make your messages more pleasant and interesting, which is more effective than simply sending text messages.

Here’s how send Interesting merry christmas stickers on WhatsApp :

1: Go to Google Play Store.

2: Download sticker pacs by searching on search bar in Google Play Store.

3: Once it is downloaded, you can open it.

4: Many sticker options will appear in app with the feature of adding.

5: Add those stickers that you like.

You can send stickers to your friends on WhatsApp for Christmas wishes and greetings. All the stickers you add will be in the sticker tab.

How to send Christmas-secific stickers on Instagram

1: Go to Instagram and DM tab.

2: Pick the DM of the person you want send the wishes.

3: Click on writing bar.

4: There you will see sticker emoji on the extreme right, then tab on it.

5: Now search ‘Merry Christmas’.

There are many interesting stickers to choose from. Once you click on one, it will send a message to the person you selected.

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