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Anthropic begins supplying its text-generating AI models to select startups

A new AI startup has begun letting other companies use its text-generating models.

The first company to announce that they are using Anthropic models in their business is Robin AI, a startup that has raised over $13 million from investors. Quora, an experimental chatbot app, also uses Anthropic models, but it is not currently being monetized.

Robin CEO Richard Robinson said that the company works to fine-tune an Anthropic model on data set of legal text in order to draft and negotiate contracts.

Anthropic is a company that helps law firms manage the risk of their AI models “hallucinating.” They are our launch partner for the legal sector, and their focus on AI safety is perfect for our product.

Anthropic has been working on a type of AI that can generate text like humans. They’ve been doing this in a closed beta, and they’ve released a version of this AI called Claude. Claude uses a technique called “constitutional AI” which is designed to align AI with human intentions. This means that Claude will be able to respond to questions using a simple set of principles, similar to the chatbot OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

When I talked to Claude, he seemed like a nice person. However, his system had some limitations, such as giving incorrect answers to questions and making false statements.

Robin isn’t sure which model Claude is using, but it’s possible that it’s a derivative of Claude. Neither Robin nor Anthropic would say how many partners it currently has, or how it came to work with them. However, Anthropic does plan to open up its model to commercial use in the future.

Anthropic is probably feeling a lot of pressure from investors because they’ve spent a lot of money on their AI technology.

Google is investing $300 million in a startup called Anthropic. The company will make Google Cloud its “preferred cloud provider” and work together on developing AI computing systems.

Anthropic was founded with the goal of benefiting humanity, not making money. Dario Amodei, the former VP of research at OpenAI, started the company in 2021 as a public benefit corporation, taking with him a number of OpenAI employees, including OpenAI’s former public policy lead, Jack Clark. Amodei later left OpenAI after a disagreement about the company’s direction, specifically its increasingly commercial focus.

AI systems are expensive to create and maintain, so Anthropic decided to seek outside funding. This included a $580 million tranche from a group of investors, including disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

At Anthropic, we believe our text-generating AI is different from other competitors, and we’re so confident in it that we’re willing to invest in new partnerships and Big Tech investments. We don’t know yet if this is a sign that Anthropic’s priorities have changed, but what we do know is that we think our technology is better than what’s available from other companies.

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