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A&M Texas student who disappeared on day of graduation found dead: Police

A Texas A&M University student who went missing more than a week ago has been found dead, police said.

Tanner Hoang’s body was found in Austin on Saturday. Police say that he died from a gunshot wound.

News has reached out to the Austin Police Department for further information.

Hoang hasn’t been seen since the morning of December 16th. His family said they were going to his college graduation ceremony, but when Hoang didn’t show up for lunch, they started to worry.

The uncle of the person who was supposed to graduate but didn’t say anything to anyone until recently said that he isn’t sure what happened that would cause him to not graduate.

The student’s family was missing him and was having trouble finding him because his phone had been turned off.

The car was found unoccupied on Thursday, near Pennybacker Bridge Overlook on Highway 360. The car was spotted on video several times, and the Amber Alert Network says that it is likely that the car’s owner is safe.

On Saturday, volunteers organized a search in the area. Although law enforcement officers asked that all search and volunteer efforts cease, organizers said in an update early Saturday afternoon that they are still looking for someone.

Hoang’s uncle called the disappearance “uncharacteristic.”

His uncle says that Michael always shows up to help when needed. For example, when his parents needed help or when he was visiting Texas. He is always there when we need him.

We’re really surprised that he would just leave without telling us first.

Hoang’s family was looking for him, and they asked him to come home.

Tanner, we love you and God loves you. We want you to come home as soon as possible. If you get this message or any other messages on Facebook about where you are, please come home.

We hope that he’s okay and that everything turns out okay so that we can see him again with his family.

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